Friday, June 3, 2011

Backtrack 5 on Mobile

Backtrack 5 has Released  arm version for smart phones.
The Backtrack Developing Team have introduced us their new updated creation that is Backtrack-5.It is a Penetration Focused Linux Distribution.

Backtrack offers more than 250 tools for our penetration testing need. The tools include Sniffers , Fuzzers , Forensic tools , Web App Testing Frameworks and my favorite Metasploit 

BackTrack 5 On Motorola

For the first time, an ARM image is now provided. So far, the developers have tested it on a Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone and a Motorola Xoom tablet. According to a tweet from the developers they demonstrated the ARM version's functionality by using a Xoom to run Metasploit to gain
access to a Windows XP system.
You can find the guide to run backtrack in the Backtrack Forums
BackTrack 5 on Xperia
Backtrack 5 also runs on Samsung Xperia X10 .To run this you only need to know how and you will know this go  here 
and the to run on androids   

BackTrack 5 On Nokia N900

How to do this . Must be wondering how to know this also follow this link

BackTrack 5 on Droid Incredible

 Thanks to Security Tube and ac1d-ra1n

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